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For localised problems within a sewer length the patch system will renovate the damaged area and prolong the life of the sewer where full-length pipe lining would be unnecessary. Localised patch repairs are an effective way of carrying out in –situ structure repairs within a live sewer without the need for over-pumping. It is quick to install and offers no disruption to property, service and surface activities. Patch repairs have tapered ends allowing a smooth virtually unnoticeable transition from pipe to repair and providing little resistance to flow. Patch repairs are installed to Water Industry Standard.
Renovated Clay Pipe
Procedure for No-Dig Sectional Pipeline Repair
STEP 1: Preparing and Mixing the Resins
STEP 2: Impregnate the Fibre Glass withthe Resin
STEP 3: The impregnated Fibre Glass is attached to the packer
STEP 4: Air pressure is used to inflate the packer. The pipe adjacent to the defect
STEP 5: Air pressure is used to nflate the packer. The resin impregnated fibre glass is pressed over the defect and held in place until the resin cures
STEP 6: The packer is deflated and removed from the pipe. The section repair has now fully sealed the defect
Full structural repair bonding to existing pipe even in wet condition
Hard surface finish gives improved flow characteristic
Highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion
Tapered edges give a smooth flow transition
Can be installed in high infiltration condition
Perfect sealing against root infestation, infiltration and exfiltration
Fast installation that eliminates costly excavation
Before Patch After Patch

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