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Pipeline radar surveys are setting new standards for the inspection of underground drainage and wastewater pipes. Traditional CCTV inspection can assess the internal condition of pipeline but cannot see beyond the pipe wall to assess the condition of the surrounding bedding and fill material. For non-pressure pipes the surrounding material forms a key part of the pipes structure, any loss of material can lead to damage and failure. For high risk areas such as highways, rall track and airports it is essential to ensure that damage to buried pipes does not lead to the formation of sink holes and voids that can cause catastrophic collapse of the ground surface.


Combined radar and CCTV survey

Radar can penetrate the pipe wall to evaluate the integrity of the supporting material, any void formation can easily be seen due to the close proximity of the radar to the source of the problem, rectification works in the form of grouting can then be undertaken before collapse occurs. Grout is injected surgically into the void via the pipeline, this stabilises the ground without the need for disturbance to read, rall and air services.
Sinkhole in Kuala Lumpur
Highway drainage radar survey
Radiogram data showing void formation
Radiogram showing soil anomalies

Radar void detection                                                                         Soil stabilization (grouting)

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