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Holistic NRW Reduction
Holistic NRW Reduction Works

Non-revenue water (NRW) is defined as the difference between the quantity of water that leaves the treatment plants and the quantity billed to the consumers on their meter consumptions. It comprises two components; Physical Losses and Apparent Losses. Major factors which could cause these problems are leakage from pipes and reservoirs, reservoir overflows, administrative errors and meter failures or under registration, data entry errors, illegal connections and pilferage.

With a national average of more than 40%, NRW is a big problem in Malaysia, which results in operational inefficiency. The high level of NRW constitutes a tremendous loss in water revenue throughout the country. For this reason NRW control has been given high priority by the Government. NRW level is becoming an important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to value and compare the performance of the water operators.

Water operators are under increasing pressure to reduce leakage rates and provide a consistent, high integrity water supply. Resource development is expensive and reducing NRW are the most attractive and economically viable means of increasing the headroom between the supply and the demand.

UTIC offers to implement a holistic component based NRW reduction strategy based on IWA Best Practice Methodologies. This will improve the performance of the water operators and help differing massive capital expenditure for major pipe replacement programme. Pipe replacement projects can be targeted on specific area where absolutely necessary and economical.

Our Solutions:
Network Detection, Mapping and GIS
Flow and Pressure Survey
Water Balance and Calculation of NRW, ILI & ELL
Establishment of DMZ’s
Active Leakage Detection and Repair
Pressure Management
SCADA and Telemetry System
Distribution Network Modeling
Operation & Asset Management System
Consumer Meter Study and Replacement Programme
Remote Reservoir Monitoring
Network Monitoring and Maintenance
Training and Technology Transfer
Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation and Replacement :
   Pipe Bursting Cured In Place Pipelining (CIPP) Spraylining

Reservoir Monitoring

EM Flowmeter with GSM Datalogger Leak Noise Loggers
Locating Leak on Distribution Mains PRV for Pressure Control
Installation of DMZ Meter Point with High Quality Fittings
Water Lost from Reservoir Overflow Visual Inspection & Acoustic Survey

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