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Reduction of Non-Revenue Water (NRW)

The reduction of water loss by means of advanced leakage control equipment is vital. In many regions water is scarce but demand is increasing with population growth. Economic and regulatory considerations are important, as are customer’s expectations of a continuous supply. The development of water resources must be examined in the light of leakage reduction performance.

UTIC employs the use of the most advanced high accuracy leak noise correlators to locate the positions of leaks on all types of pipelines. UTIC Technicians are available to survey any localised area where leaks are suspected due to low pressure, low flow rates, high water bills or soil and highway subsidence.

Noise generated by the leak travels along the pipe wall, or through the water column in both directions. Electronic sensors are deployed at ends of pipe sections. The difference in arrival time of the leak noise at each sensor, coupled with knowledge of the pipe material, diameter and length, enables the leak to be pinpointed precisely.

An electronic ground microphone is used to confirm the presence and the exact position of leak by surface sounding prior to excavation and repair. The position of the water leak can be detected to a very high degree of accuracy and usually to within a half meter radius.

To undertake leakage detection a accurate plan of the reticulation network is required, often there plans are not available and have been lost over many years or are inaccurate. UTIC provides a service of network mapping where remote detection equipment is used to locate the buried pipes, Surveyors will map out the network, the water leak survey can now commence.

Once leak have been repaired, the pipe network should be monitored continuously to ensure the leakage is maintained at the minimum level.

UTIC can assist at every stage in the development of a practical leakage control programme from analysing the water distribution network, through data logging and leak detection and monitoring, to surveying pressure in the system.

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