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one has to dig out the deformed pipes through open excavation and to replace a new pipe. UTIC’s vibratory pipe RE-ROUNDER™ consolidates and reshapes the actual soil around the pipe allowing the pipe to retain its memory shape. It will not scar or damage pipe if it is clean and compliance with the guided terms and conditions. After 30 days of installation in soil depths, natural soil movement has ended and any re-rounding will have a permanent effect on the pipe. The re-rounding system have literally saved time and money in flexible (i.e. HDPE) pipeline repairs, particularly for certificate of fitness (CF) or occupational certificate (OC) approval project. In addition to the potential savings, pipe re-rounding can aid in permanent repair, elimination of dangerous work areas, elimination of property damage and disruption of traffic.
UTIC's vibratory pipe RE-ROUNDER™

Benefits of using RE-Rounder™ are as follows:
Quick Small working area/less equipment
Cost effective Permanent solution
Less planning No excavation damage or road patch

Re-rounding™ work in progress


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